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Gas Me Up, Scotty!

  • July 06, 2022

By: Emily J. Degen


Gas Me Up, Scotty!

Over the years, I’ve heard plenty of random comments from people and how they never let their vehicle’s gas gauge drop below a certain level. Today, however, I can’t help but wonder if all the “LOW FUEL” lights illuminating from our dashes can be seen from space.

According to, fuel prices are typically determined by a few different factors to begin with. Taxes, distribution and marketing costs, and the price of crude oil (the raw material gas is refined from). While there may not be a whole lot we individuals can do about these rising prices, we can explore the tons of options available to help us cut costs and save some cash.

From walking to carpooling, and everything in between, there are more ways to get around than ever before. If you have a budget in mind, you can research what travel method fits you best, whether it be the scheduled city bus or an on-demand ride from a personal driver. Some of the most popular ridesharing and carpooling apps of today are listed here This is just one of many sites to help direct you.

Right now, a lot of cities are also sharing tips and tricks on their local news sites to help people save on gas and money as well. For example, Keloland in Sioux Falls, SD, explains how tire pressure, avoiding hauling a heavy load, and changes in the way you drive can make a difference. You can read more at Check out your local news to see if they’ve listed similar ideas such as this.

If you do decide to jump on the carpool or rideshare wagon, hopefully you’ll save some cash (and possibly your sanity) letting someone else drive! You might also make some friends along the way! We know these gas prices can’t last forever. . . so check out some other means of transportation while we all wait for those digits to drop!

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