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We would love to help you service your customer's financing needs. See our location pages for contact information.

Our Goal

  • More sales for you
  • More loans for us
  • More happy customers for all

What does Lloyd's Plan have to offer you?

Loans for all types of needs:

  • Financing available for most goods and/or services

Loans for different types of credit:

  • Good Credit
    • Quick and Easy
  • Less than Perfect Credit
    • LPI does not use credit scoring
    • Each applicant's unique situation is taken into consideration
  • Loan Process that is quick and easy
    • LPI strives for a two-hour approval process
    • Loan closing same day in many cases

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LPI helped me with my security deposit on my apartment, and they did a loan in time for my Daughter's wedding dress. They saved me when I needed 2 loans with no credit, and gave me the credit and personal security I needed. Very friendly people. Highly recommend them.
Russell H. Davenport, IA