Installment Loans

Insurance Protections for Peace of Mind

We offer the following types of insurance protections:

  • Life – In the event of loss of life.
  • Accident & Health – In the event of an accident or health related loss of income.
  • Unemployment – In the event of loss of employment.
  • Property – In the event of loss of personal property.

Is a personal loan right for you?

When deciding whether to obtain a personal loan, consider the benefits and responsibilities.

A personal loan:

  • Obligates future income – You’ll be required to set aside a certain amount of future income for loan payments.
  • Requires discipline – Borrowing wisely means not borrowing more than you can handle. Don’t let the thrill of buying or having a sum of cash obligate you to more than you can afford.
  • Makes it possible to meet unexpected expenses – The ability to borrow and make affordable payments can be helpful if an emergency arises that requires extra money.
  • Allows you to obtain products and services now and pay for them later – A loan can provide an opportunity to purchase bigger-ticket items and use them right away.

Learn more:

Why is an installment loan right for you?

Learn from the American Financial Services Association (AFSA) website.

Personal Loans 101

Apply for a loan through LPI Loans:

Apply online or contact a branch near you for details. You must live within a 75 mile radius of one of our offices to be eligible for financing.

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