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Eggcellent Ideas to Help Save on Groceries!

  • February 02, 2023


By: Emily J. Degen


It’s no secret that the cost of food in our country has risen. It’s a leading topic for many right now, and the online discussions about what the percentage of increase is, isn’t clear at all. Either way, it hurts! I live in the country, and with the already high gas prices and a grocery store no closer than 20 minutes away, I want to explore some options that might give my dollar a day off.

It’s honestly incredible how many different online food resources are out there! There are tons of not only online grocery delivery services, but meal delivery kits that make it easy for just about anyone to prepare a quick supper at a decent price. It seems like companies offering these services are getting more and more popular. If you do a simple search, you’ll realize how many are out there, and they seem to keep popping up!

I’m a veggie junkie. Not having a store close that offers fresh produce drives me nuts. And while I wish I had a garden that produced all year-round, well. . . blessed to be in the Midwest! It’s especially tough during this time of year because fruit and veggie lovers tend to stock up at the grocery store, only to find they’ve overdone it when they’re tossing out bad apples. So, I’m especially excited to look more into They claim you can save up to 40% vs. grocery store prices, including organic items. I absolutely love their concept about the “The ugly problem” and “The funny-looking solution”. They deal with foods that grocery stores refuse. These are basically items that are too small or too big, funny looking, imperfect, or have out-of-date packaging, even though the food itself is perfectly fine. When I read about this, it completely blew my mind how fastidious this concept is! Do they not carrot 🥕all about wasting food!? Maybe this one lights a fire under the gardener in me, I don’t know, but I can’t imagine having superficial expectations of food that provides and nourishes. Madness! I’m happy to know this site recognizes the insanity of throwing out bananas just because they’re straight. I’m excited to check into this one more!

This site I’ll share has a few different coupons and cash back apps listed. I have heard of Ibotta before, but have never explored it. Instead of saving money with this one, you actually earn cash back based on what you’re spending. When you grocery shop using this app, for example, the app will show what cash back items your local stores have, and you can plan your shopping list around them. Then it sounds as simple as scanning your receipt into the app, and you get cash within a week! I also think this sounds like one worth looking into, as well as a few others listed on

With the average household spending a minimum of $7,500.00 per year in groceries, according to, we need as much help as we can get. This one just mentioned has some great tips for those that might not have a lot of cooking experience, as well as creating a budget grocery list, teaching you how to best plan meals, and making the most of your leftovers. Whatever you’re doing or plan on doing this year to try to save some green, if you need a place to start, look no further than your grocery list!

After all, what did one penny say to the other penny? Let’s get together and make some cents. 🍅

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