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Ring, Ring. . . Your Vacation is Calling.

  • June 18, 2024


By: Emily J. Degen


Give your mind, body and spirit a break.

Whether you are road tripping across the country or getting away from it all by going nowhere, you should plan yourself some you time. In 2018, the US Travel Association (1) reported that there were 768 million days of unused vacation time. Did you get the million part of that!?

A Harvard Business Review (1) discusses how taking regular vacations could lower the chances of dying due to coronary heart disease. The same review reveals that blood pressure and heart rates may be reduced, and that bone, muscle and respiratory health might all be improved by taking active vacations as well.

The writing in the sand is this; taking time for yourself no matter how you choose to spend it, in the end, will most likely improve your happiness and health. It can also give you a breath of fresh air that may cause an increase in productivity when you return to the grind. 



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