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Fiscal Checkup

  • July 01, 2019

Taking a midyear break to review your finances give you the opportunity to spot errors, adjust your budget and save on taxes!

Spotting Errors: Start by visiting and review the three major credit agencies – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Make sure your credit balances are accurate and check for any irregularities that might indicate fraud or identity theft.

Adjust your Budget: Do you have a savings goal in mind? Are you on track to meet those goals? If not, you might need to adjust your spending habits, or adjust your savings habits. Maybe it’s time to set up automatic savings.

Save on Taxes: Make sure your tax withholding levers are correct. This is very important if your income has changes during the first six months of the year. You might be closer to a higher or lower tax bracket. You will want to consult with a tax advisor for assistance. You can also visit the IRS withholding calculator to help you decide. (

The key to financial success is to be aware of your spending and your savings. Make it a habit to check your budget so you can be prepared for those unexpected expenses or unforeseen events like the loss of a job.

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