The Kitchen Table

Welcome to Our New Website

  • August 19, 2015

Welcome to the new LPI Loans Website! We are so glad you are here!! This is the doorway from our house to yours and our new blog is "The Kitchen Table”. As our customers you mean as much to us as friends and family. The most important thing in a family is good communication and that happens most in the home at the kitchen table.

We are LPI Loans – We help you get to Yes! Exactly how do we help you get to yes, you may ask?

Our lives are made up of events. There are good events and bad events. Sometimes in life those events call for our financial resources. This is where we come in. We want to invite you over to our house to help you with your life events that require additional financial resources. From the birth of a baby, to a vacation, home projects, car repairs, a new car, a wedding, and sometimes even a funeral. Whatever life is throwing your way and you need some cash now. Nothing is worse than hearing no and having nowhere to turn for help. We may not be able to say yes to every request but we will do our best to inform you on what needs to take place to get you to yes or somewhere that you can turn to help you meet this need.

Specifically, we see our role for our customers as a bridge for the void that exists in the financial world. We bridge the gap between banks and payday lenders. We handle the loans too small for the banks and credit unions without the difficult repayment of a payday loan.

We help those with imperfect credit by offering them a second chance. We give you a chance to rebuild and establish new credit. We offer easy to pay installments over a set period of time that works with your budget.

Our blog will provide you with great financial education tidbits to help you improve your financial health. Your financial health can have a big impact on your physical health. All facets of our lives are interrelated. We will talk about today’s relevant topics, for example, identity theft & credit scores, things to keep an eye on, such as our social security statements, as well as tips for saving money and the different types of credit and what they mean. Visit the “Kitchen Table” often and empower yourself with financial knowledge and resources.

Take a moment and meet one of our valued customers in the video on our home page. Vernette is one example of why I love LPI Loans and I hope you will to. The underlying reason that we are here and do what we do every day is to be a part and make a difference in the lives of others. She has a beautiful story! You won’t want to miss it!!

Sheri Wilford, President

Anytime I need extra cash I can always count on Lloyd’s Plan. They are always here to help out!
Jennifer F. IA