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Carefree Automatic Bill Pay?...Yes Please!

  • June 14, 2016

Are you swamped? Constantly feeling overwhelmed? Are you spending all of your time putting out fires and dealing with emergencies? Are the only things getting done on your “to do list” the most vital responsibilities? Then you might be a great candidate for automatic bill payments.

Think about all the time you spend trying to keep track of your finances. Setting up your most critical bills on automatic bill pay is like having your own personal assistant! Your personal assistant is paying your bills in a safe and secure way and you don’t ever have to worry about missing a payment or getting a late fee. How amazing would that be!?!

Still not convinced? Let me share a couple more benefits to automatic payments. 


It could lead to a higher credit score

Late and missed payments are usually reported to the credit bureau. Each time this happens, your credit score is probably taking a hit. With automatic bill pay, you can be sure your credit report lists only on-time payments. Believe me, your credit score will thank you for it.

It could be used to boost your savings

Auto-pay services don’t have to be just for paying bills. If you find it difficult to put money into savings, consider setting up an automatic payment to your savings account. It’s a great way to guarantee you have cash for the next unforeseen crisis. 

With automatic bill payments you won’t have to remember when the bill is due. No more phone calls, missed payment notices or late fees. With all that free time you can devote yourself to the things that really matter…like binge watching your favorite TV show!


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LPI helped me with my security deposit on my apartment, and they did a loan in time for my Daughter's wedding dress. They saved me when I needed 2 loans with no credit, and gave me the credit and personal security I needed. Very friendly people. Highly recommend them.
Russell H. Davenport, IA