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Good Reason for the Season

  • December 02, 2022

By: Emily J. Degen


If 2022 has affected you like it has me & my household, it’s likely that you’re secretly hoping to get cash for Christmas. With gifting right around the corner, even browsing Black Friday specials did not impress me. Though keeping it simple would prevent added stress, we all tend to have those certain demanding rascals with high expectations each year. (They do know it’s Jesus’ birthday and not theirs… right?)

But that’s just the thing, it’s not about the gifts! And though we’ve all heard it so many times before, why don’t more of us practical people practice this? In consideration of already extremely expensive times, let’s check out some new things we could actually try this Christmas.

This site has some pretty sweet ideas that would fit well in just about any family environment and has a nice variety for different age groups, too. I especially love “Send a message to the future” idea. Basically, you make your own version of a time capsule. You could probably find just about any jar, box, or envelope around the house for this. Then add fun stuff about the recipient’s current interests; favorite music, movies, sayings, styles and maybe some current event information with a future date to be opened and shared. I think of my teenage family members for this one.

On the same site is “Be their sitter”. What parent wouldn’t love to get that as a gift any time of the year! They’ll probably have you booked before the end of the family gathering. “Cook them something special”. This is great to personalize for anyone that may have an allergy or may be avoiding a certain food group for any reason. When it comes to being in a room full of awesome foods and treats they can’t have, this could make their day! I know it would mine!

Most of us don’t typically announce how we’re doing financially, so we cannot assume we know how others may be sitting in that department either. No matter what, don’t break your bank or your pride trying to please others with huge purchases. You just might come up with the best free gift ever after putting a little thought into it. Also, here are some fun links below that may, or if you’re super competitive, may not (just kidding!) bring your family closer together during the festivities.

So, this year when you gather with loved ones; eat lots of good food, share lots of great memories, laugh like crazy, and have yourself a thrifty little Christmas. 🎄

Christmas movie trivia:

Bible trivia:

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