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Sizzling Summer Savings

  • July 31, 2020

Sizzling Summer Savings

By: Megan Oberst


Once again, summer is here! However, this summer might look a bit different due to the current COVID-19 circumstances. It’s still important to keep an eye on your finances while you pursue safe summer fun. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some fresh saving ideas that can still make this summer the best yet!

Let’s begin…

  • 1.Don’t go wild with the A/C

No need to turn the thermostat down to freezing, find a middle ground with a temperature that works for you while keeping doors closed so you don’t let the air out. Blinds and shades also work well with keeping the hot out and the crisp cool in. Your energy bill will thank you.

  • 2.The outdoors are (generally) free

Need somewhere for you and the kids to go? Take the family to the park or go on a hike at a local forest preserve. You will save your wallet from admission costs and enjoy the great outdoors close to home. Finish out the day with a bonfire and smores in the backyard. YUM.

  • 3.Take the gym outside

Not only do the outdoors offer fun, but fitness as well! Gym memberships are extremely expensive and are a common culprit of draining bank accounts. Cancel your membership and take your routine outside for a morning run or patio pilates.

  • 4.Walk it out

The fitness continues! Sunny days mean more opportunities to ditch the car and walk. Consider walking or biking to nearby destinations as a way to cut down on gas refills and car expenses. The car needs a break, step to!

  • 5.Get in touch with your community

Check in with your local park district to see what free community events are offered in your area. These could be activity days for the kids or evening concerts for a fun night out without the charge. Many park districts have their community events calendar on their websites or you can call to receive one by mail.

These fun yet financially responsible activities are here to make this summer full of new memories. Try one out today!

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